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When it comes to prescription drug delivery, Michigan residents will find this a very convenient option, especially if they are having mobility issues. Gout is a condition that can make it hard to get around and the drug allopurinol is one of the most commonly prescribed to treat it. Before taking your first dose, it is a good idea to learn more about how it works.

How Does Gout Affect the Body?

Gout is characterized by urate crystals building up in one of your joints. This most often affects the joints of the big toe. These crystals are the result of your blood’s uric acid levels being too high. When the crystals are present, you can experience intense pain and inflammation.

How Does Allopurinol Work for Gout?

Allopurinol helps to treat gout by decreasing uric acid levels. Classified as a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, this drug works in two ways: it may inhibit purine synthesis and reduce uric acid formation. These actions are thanks to this drug working to inhibit the activity of the enzyme called xanthine oxidase. Purine metabolism relies on this enzyme. The breaking down of purines is what can cause the body to make uric acid, so when this is interrupted, less uric acid is produced. When there is not an intense amount of this acid, the risk of gout is very low.

How is Allopurinol Administered?

Your doctor will examine your gout and your overall health to determine which dosage will work the best for you. It is critical that you take each dose with approximately eight ounces of water. There is a chance that gout attacks will increase when you start to take this drug. It is visit this site critical that you do not cease taking this medication if you experience this.

If your gout attacks increase temporarily, keep taking allopurinol and talk to your doctor. There are often things that doctors can do to reduce your discomfort so that you are able to get through this period and start to recover from your gout.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Allopurinol?

There is the potential for an array of side effects with this medication. Those that are considered to be less serious include:



-Muscle pain



-Sense of taste changes

If you experience side effects that are not listed above, make sure to tell your doctor right away just in case they are serious.

You can see that utilizing prescription drug delivery in Michigan for article allopurinol can be a good decision. Now that you know more about this drug, you can better work with your doctor in managing the care of your gout.

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